Are tools like ChatGPT killing the cover letters?

Are tools like ChatGPT killing the cover letters?

A few years ago, we did some research and analyzed about 500 job ads for different tech companies, from startups to FAANG companies, to see if they required a cover letter.

As you can see, the smaller the company, the more likely they are to require a cover letter. I think it's because recruiters at large companies get a lot of applications for each job. They barely have time to look at all the resumes, let alone cover letters. So the tech giants rarely include the appropriate field on their application forms to save everyone's time.

So, if a cover letter is used in one out of every two job postings today, and candidates are actively using tools like ChatGPT, this will lead to the following:

  • AI-generated letters, while polished, may lack the personal touch that sets candidates apart.
  • Cover letters can start to look and sound the same. This sameness can make it difficult for recruiters to identify standout candidates.
  • Cover letters overstate a candidate's skills or experience. This can lead to mismatched expectations and disappointment during the interview process.

The cover letter was, and hopefully still is, the cherry on top of every application, reflecting a candidate's genuine interest and unique qualifications. This made writing a standout cover letter difficult rather than easy. Now, as generative AI becomes a commodity accessible to every job seeker, writing cover letters will become so easy.

I'm just saying... this post shouldn't be labeled as "all bad," but rather how the application process will change and evolve shortly.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!